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I Am Spartacus

This Devar Torah for the week of Parashat Chukat was delivered at City Shul during Pride Week in Toronto, June 2015. This week­-long celebration of LGBTQ pride, that evolved from a moment of crisis for gays and lesbians after the "bathhouse raids" of Toronto, 1981, has become one of the largest celebrations of pride in the world. In the piece, I examine more closely that momentous instant, (the one I call “the Spartacus moment”), that leads long­ oppressed communities to regain their pride about who they are.

New Pop Rabbi Site

My new podcast web site, Pop Rabbi, is now available and you can also find my podcasts on iTunes. In these podcasts, I discuss with Josh Morris various aspects of the Torah portion of the week and how it relates to popular culture, in a fun and lighthearted way. For updates on my podcasts, please subscribe via my podcast RSS feed, in iTunes (search for Pop Rabbi) or follow me on Twitter, @poprabbi.


Happy Birthday Israel ! The power of the word.

I'm not a great believer in Facebook. It is partly because I feel very profoundly that most people, including my “friends” are ultimately not that interested in what I had for dinner or where I've been on holiday. I also still feel passionately that I would like to maintain and safeguard some sort of privacy and have control over what personal, intimate facts Facebook knows about me and feels free to spread far and wide.

Antisemitism, The Seder, and its Life Lessons

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