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Ludwig August Frankl

One of the advantages of our modern 'Internet' age is the ability to access previously unimaginable volumes of information without leaving your home (or your work, or from your mobile phone). Alas this was not always so and, for my Master's Thesis, I spent a year living in Austria, studying in German and writing about August Frankl. Reminiscing about the wonderful times I spent enjoying the culture and vibrancy of Vienna, I tried to 'Google' Frankl to see what information was available and was quite surprised to find there did not seem to be such a great volume available. For the modern student of the life of Frankl, your choice is either to spend some time in Vienna like I did - something I do recommend ! - or, alternatively, you can read my thesis via the McGill University web site where they have a PDF version available.

The abstract from my thesis is :

In the history of Austrian Jewry, the year 1848 marked a crucial turning point. Although there had been a rapid succession of changes in the lives oi Jews in Central Europe, 1848 was a definitive beginning on the road to "modernity" from which there could be no turning back. Ludwig August Frankl was a distinguished representative of this generation of Jews living in the Habsburg realm. He believed in the revolutionary ideals of 1848, and yet was paradoxically not a radical. He was, rather, a representative of that now often forgotten group of Jews who believed in an evolutionary path to modernity that seemed to offer the logical and triumphant culmination of a hundred years of cultural assimilation. Modernity became their identification and their aspiration, and also led to a new perception of their own Judaism. Ludwig August Frankl brought the elements of this new identity to his mission to found the first secular Jewish school in Jerusalem in 1856, the Laemel School.

Please enjoy !

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