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Emily Wolfson

Emily Wolfson Detained At The Kotel For Wearing A Tallit

Emily Wolfson was wrongfully detained at the Kotel in Jerusalem on the instruction of the Orthodox authorities for the non-existent "crime" of wearing a tallit. This shameful abuse of power and misogyny represents a dangerous attack on all of us who love our Jewish tradition and faith and seek to practise it with devotion and commitment. The State of Israel has fallen into disrepute by its willingness to carry out the dictates of the ultra-Orthodox, who seek to disenfranchise women and wrongly claim that there is a “Jewish law” forbidding women to wear prayer shawls.

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My Bat Mitzvah girl, Emily Wolfson, wrongfully detained at the Kotel for wearing a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl)
My Bat Mitzvah girl, Emily Wolfson, being wrongfully detained for wearing a tallit at the Kotel

Just as the new Chief Rabbi was announced in the UK, and just as he gave positive sounding comments about repairing the often damaging stand-off between the Orthodox movement he represents and the modern egalitarian Reform and Liberal traditions, many were shocked and disgusted to hear that two eighteen year old girls from the UK were arrested at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem for the supposed "crime" of wearing a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl). The reality is that no such crime exists either in Israeli law or in Jewish religious law - the law concerning a tallit is that men are obligated to wear one, but for women, it is an optional commandment; they may choose to wear or not wear one as they personally feel is appropriate for them.

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