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Bnei Menashe

The "Bnei Menashe" term normally refers to the Jews of Manipur in India.

Families Reunited

Celebrating Purim With The Jews Of Manipur
I celebrated Purim with the Bnei Menashe in Mumbai in 2010

I recently reflected upon all the current news about the "lost" tribes of Israel around the world suddenly being found. It seemed to me to have become a world-wide development - villages and groups in Africa, Asia and even South America, discovering Jewish descent or coming out of obscurity to show their practise and commitment to Judaism over centuries and even millenia. I saw it as an amazing example of the attraction, longevity and power of our Jewish tradition, and even perhaps a demonstrable example of "klal Yisrael"; the ongoing embrace of our world-wide "family of Israel". In light of growing anti-semitism in recent years, and particularly over the last year, I saw the desire to reconnect with our Jewish family and a yearning to have the freedom and ability to live a dedicated Jewish life, as a sign of hope for the coming secular year of 2013:

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